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The Campaign Management course is designed for people working for civil society organisations (CSO) who are interested in developing and running fundraising campaigns for their organisation or for a particular cause. The course was developed for civil society organisations in Kenya supported by Aga Khan Foundation East Africa’s Yetu initiative. It leverages the Yetu initiative’s extensive experience in supporting Kenyan civil society organisations with developing and implementing fundraising campaigns and features various campaigns from Kenya.

The course starts by introducing campaign design and explains what an organisation needs to do in order to identify the problem it wants to tackle, define its unique value proposition, and set an overall goal, objectives, and scope for its campaign. It then goes on to describe the process behind planning a fundraising campaign.

Effective communication being a central pillar of successful fundraising campaigns, the course explains the process of developing a communications strategy for the campaign and introduces various channels of communication that CSOs might want to consider. Both traditional and digital channels of communication are introduced. The advantages and disadvantages of developing communications materials in-house versus outsourcing them are considered.

The latter part of the course focuses on campaign execution and various tools that CSOs can use to implement their campaigns. Particular attention is paid to using social media, building partnerships with corporate entities, organising events, and engaging celebrity ambassadors for support.

The course closes by emphasising the paramount importance of collecting feedback and monitoring and evaluating the successes and failures of fundraising campaigns.

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