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How can a facilitator guide a group of people through a learning process? What kinds of behaviours should the facilitator demonstrate? What skills should a facilitator have in order to effectively deliver a workshop? And what activities and techniques can the facilitator use to make the workshop fun, memorable, and engaging for participants? These are some of the questions the Facilitating Adult Learning course explores.

The Facilitating Adult Learning course aims to provide workshop facilitators with a set of mindsets, skills, and techniques to run the workshop in a fun, engaging, and professional way.

Facilitators who will find the course relevant include facilitators of a range of different types of workshops, including those who will be delivering the face-to-face session of a blended learning course.

The first part of the course introduces some general principles of adult learning and highlights the importance of not donning a teacher β€˜hat’ while facilitating a workshop with adult learners.

It then focuses on a wide range of skills that facilitators should try to hone, including listening skills, a range of verbal and non-verbal communication skills, as well as people management and time management skills.

The course then moves to introduce 20 different facilitation techniques, in other words, engaging activities that the facilitator can use in a workshop setting to get the participants learning actively throughout. The facilitation techniques introduced in the course range from individual, pair, small-group to large-group activities. Some examples include: icebreakers, brainstorming, learning circle, role playing, concept mapping, etc

The course also gives advice on how to assess participating learning on an ongoing basis and how to give and receive feedback from participants.

The course concludes by emphasizing the important of preparation to deliver a dynamic and memorable workshop.

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