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The Facilitation Skills course aims to provide future facilitators of blended learning courses with the skills needed to effectively deliver the face-to-face session of a blended learning course.

The first part of the course introduces the concept and value of the blended learning approach and describes some general principles of adult learning. It highlights the characteristics and skills facilitators should have and introduces different types of participants and ways of responding to challenging group dynamics. The course also explains the process of preparing to deliver a course, and using various tools to assess comprehension.

The second part of the course presents a series of small and large group facilitation techniques. It explains when and why a facilitator might want to use them and what materials they would require. It also details the steps that need to be followed in order to apply each of these facilitation techniques.

This video-based course is followed by a 3-day face-to-face session that allows participants to experience adult learning principles in action and a range of facilitation techniques. It also gives them the opportunity to put the various techniques into practice by role-playing and doing hands-on exercises. All participants receive extensive feedback on their facilitation skills throughout the face-to-face session.

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