Introduction to Gender Analysis

This one-hour course on how to conduct a gender analysis for a project is designed for AKF staff working in Programmes, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Partnerships.  The course is also of value to AKDN staff working in these areas and to AKF’s civil society partners.

By the time you complete the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain ways in which gender influences how policies, programmes, and projects may diversely impact men and women, girls and boys
  • Describe the principles of gender analysis and why gender analyses are important to AKF’s programming
  • Identify the steps to conduct a gender analysis
  • List quantitative and qualitative information sources that can help AKF staff understand gender norms and disparities in the countries and communities where they implement programmes
  • List tools (internal and external) used in an AKF gender analysis and when to use them
  • Understand the key domains necessary to be assessed for a comprehensive gender analysis

Only learners registered in the course can download the resources.

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