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This course on Proposal Development provides an in-depth look at how to develop a winning proposal in response to a solicitation from a major international donor such as USAID, DFID, or the EC.

It explains how a civil society organisation (CSO) should determine whether or not to respond to a solicitation and introduces the standard components of both solicitations and proposals.

The course provides a structured process for putting together a strong proposal development team, selecting partners, and conducting co-design workshops.

It introduces various conceptual frameworks such as theory of change, logic models, logical frameworks, results frameworks, and results-based management.

The course also guides the learner through the process of putting together a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework and developing a costing strategy.

Depending on their experience with proposal development, learners can choose to either take the introductory version of the course by only watching the video lessons marked as "introductory" or to take the more advanced version of the course by watching all video lessons.

Only learners registered in the course can download the resources.

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