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The Scriptwriting for Instructional Videos course is designed for subject matter experts, instructional designers, educators, writers, and anyone else who might be interested in developing a video-based or blended learning course.

The course walks learners through the linear process of writing an engaging and effective script for the video-based part of a blended learning course.

The course starts be explaining the concept of blended learning and the Aga Khan Foundation’s approach to blended learning. It discusses how a blended learning course can be structured, how long it should be, and who should participate in its development.

The course then emphasises the importance of having a good understanding of the target audience and introduces the concept of learning objectives. It then goes on to explain, in some detail, how to develop and refine a course outline, which is used as a basis for the course script.

After that, the course moves on to cover various aspects of scriptwriting, including both structural and stylistic aspects. Particular attention is given to writing techniques that can help render the script conversational, easy to understand, and relatable.

The course closes by explaining the importance of getting external input from an advisory group, editing, and conducting a table read. It also provides and overview of the additional steps that need to be taken once the script is finalised to prepare it for filming.

By the time they complete the course, learners will be able to:

  • Explain what a blended learning course is and how it’s structured,
  • Develop learning objectives for a blended learning course,
  • Create an outline for the video portion of a blended learning course,
  • Draft a script for a video lesson, and
  • Edit script for tone, style, and length.

Only learners registered in the course can download the resources.

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