A freelancer’s guide to reporting on climate change



From more extreme weather events to rising minimum and maximum temperatures, rising sea levels and thawing permafrost, the consequences of climate change are varied, vast and increasingly part of our everyday lives. These effects can increase food and water insecurity, put people’s health at risk and threaten animal and plant species on land and in the oceans. There are economic implications for individuals, businesses and nations too, whether through damage caused by climate events or the need to adapt their lives and livelihood owing to its effects. It’s a set of interconnected problems on a global scale and its negative effects are felt most severely by some of the world’s poorest countries and people.

Reporting on the environment and climate crises is a chance to bring these issues to a wider audience and potentially influence individuals and policymakers. It’s also an opportunity to share solutions and profile people taking action to protect the planet and its inhabitants.

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